Ma is a witch!

There was Elizabeth, daughter of Jean, Jean’s two sons, Sean and Glenn.

Sean and Glenn were inseparable, they did everything together, so much so that they were mistaken for twins, though Elizebeth was Glenn’s twin!

Jean was a women that always had great intentions for her young children, but when under the influence of her friends she became something less like a mother and more of a women under a spell. These friends were wicked really. They cared nothing for the children when they came to visit, they always closed doors on the childrens faces and said nasty things, the children tried to tell their mother. But Jean ignored what the children had to say and especially recently. Jean becoming less and less like herself that no long did she even so much as smile or hug her children. Of course the children couldn’t comprehend it, couldn’t fathom the influence that her friends had on her. Did her young children mean nothing anymore? Were her friends that wicked to take away their mother?

One night when Jean had her wicked friends over. The children beings only young and brought up on fairy-tales had a wicked assumption of their own and came up with the idea that maybe Jeans friends were witches, Real witches!

Sean being that one year older then the twins said “Ah, do you’s really think they could be witches?” ” I believe they could, Sean. They are all so nasty and have turned Ma so evil!” Elizabeth said jumping up on the bed that they all sat on and had made a tent from, they all hid under this tent made of sheets and duvets, it made them feel safe. “I believe Elizabeth” Glenn said. Sean rolled his eyes and then eventually agreed to spy on these wicked friends just to settle that there was no such thing as witches and they were only make believe. The twins got a little excited by the prospect of spying and acting like undercover spies, that they giggled a little to one another.

At about 8’Oclock that night, the children with their holy crosses around their neck crept down the stair case to peep through the sitting room key hole where Jean and her friends had been. One at a time they all looked through the key hole and all noticed what had been going on. They noticed candles burning, Liquids in glass bottles that were the colours of green and crimson red, but what  really scared the children was the chanting noise, that was repeated over and over in a low humming and haunting tone.

Speak, speak, speak

Evil has spoken!

The dead has risen!’

The children now really frightened of these friends, including their own mother, quickly ran back up the stair case to their bedroom. They made very sure to lock the bedroom door before climbing back under their tent and turning on their torches. Each child waited until the other spoke, their little hearts were pounding and their palms were sweating of fear. Until they began breathing a little better they wouldn’t speak but just starred at one another in anticipation of the evil that would soon realise they had been spying. Then Elizabeth spoke first. “Oh, Jesus! Save us! why us?” Glenn then began to talk “All this time we lived here and Ma has been evil?”

“No, she wasn’t always evil, Glenn you know that! She used care for us more then anyone, she loved us.” Sais Sean finally.

At the same time the children were hiding away, Jean and her friends had been warned of the children spying by the evil spirits that accompanied them nightly. In a whisper the spirits rising from one of those glass bottles said “The children, the children. The kingdom where childhood never dies! You must burn them, rid of them!” and the spirits sunk back down into the glass bottle. Controlled by evil Jean merely said “And so it will be done!” She was so overtaken by these witches that in return lost any affection for her children and had become a witch, too, ready to burn them alive!

The children heard footsteps coming up the stair case. Thump, thump, thump. The anticipation had their hearts pounding against their ribs and shaking in fear. Now whispering Elizabeth said “They must have heard us!” So the three of them turned off their torches. “God help us” Sean said. The door began to open. They wondered how because they made sure they had locked it

Squeak, squeak, squeak..

The children trembled as their blood turned cold and their skin turned clammy. “Who has been spying on me?” Jean said with her jaw clenched in rage. They didn’t respond but seen three pairs of red glowing eyes approach the bed through the sheets “Who has been spying? Oh, come on now Children, aren’t I your mother?” She laughed and snatched the sheets off the bed revealing three little children with wide eyes. Sean Jumped from the bed and said “It was me. I spied and wasn’t I right to? You have turned into something we don’t like. You aren’t our mother!” Jean’s friends laughed behind her. “I’ll brake your legs if you speak that way to me again. Now three of you can get up now and come with me or i’ll drag you!” Glenn spoke “But you’re only going to try and kill us, aren’t ya?” More laughter. “No, sure, haven’t I got a nice cake in the oven for you’s?” “No, you don’t. You probably plan to put us in the oven!” Said Elizabeth and yet again Jeans friends laughed even louder. “Is this funny now, Ma? Have your friends become so more important to ya?” But Jean just grew angrier and laughed  in spite of her children. Because She and the children knew what she was planning to do, she just hadn’t said it. “So you are a witch then, Ma?” Said Glenn, Poor lad was so dependant on his mothers love that the more she grew colder his heart seemed to break a little. “I am me Boy, I am!”

All of a sudden there was a whisper from the three witches and the children were taken into each witches arms and carried down the stairs to be roasted in the fire! How cruel they were, these witches! The children’s life was so short lived and now they will die by the hands of their own mother. All entered the sitting room to a roaring fire. The children knew then that this was how they were going to die. But not without a fight, somehow. A way to run. But of course! Sean remembered having kept a handy knife in his back pocked, he dared not say it though. He would wait until he had to use it. But then Jean and her friends decided to tie the children up just to make sure they wouldn’t escape from the burning fire. Elizabeth screamed and Glenn cried a little. But Sean was still determined to get out with his brother and sister. He quickly came up with a plan, If he could reach his back pocket with his hands tied behind his back he could reach the knife and cut through the rope, that is only if Jean and her friends weren’t looking.

The children were placed on top of a coffee table to be thrown in the fire one by one. As they sat there ready to die, Jean and her friends left the room for a moment, the children didn’t know why, but Sean used that opportunity to loosen the ropes and free himself, Glenn and Elizabeth. “Quick now, before they get back. Get the Glass bottles, the two of ya and throw them into the fire. I’ll find a way to get us out” Sean said quietly. So the Twins got up grabbed the glass bottles that contained those evil spirits they had seen earlier and threw them into the fire. The Bottles of liquid caused an explosion of smoke and colour and they could hear a haunting moan from the smoke. Soon enough the three witches entered to find the children free from the rope and they grew angry, also noticing that the bottles had been disposed of. “You little rags! Come here now!” Elizabeth surprisingly snarled back at her mother and said “Get away you wicked demon. We don’t know who you are but you’ve taken our mother and we hate you for it! Get away.” Sean, Glenn and Elizabeth got corned by these three witched, but Sean was brave and smart so he stood in front while the twins hid behind him. “I have this knife here and I will use it Ma, don’t think I won’t!” “Oh, you will now, will you? HA HA. Against us three? And how would such little rags like yourself do that?” “Easy” Said Sean and the twins at the same time. Working together the twins bit into two of the witched thighs and pushed them closer to the fire, and Sean stabbed his mother in the gut and twisted it. Never had they dreamed that they would have to hurt another human being like this before but they had no choice and anyway, they weren’t human they were witches. From an evil realm that the children did not wish to know. Of course the three witches fought back but because the children were so small and so quick they were able to hurt the witches more to their advantage. And finally, with Jean in pain on the floor Sean was able to help push the other two witches into the fire. They burned, Sizzled and cackled out loud as they burned. Even though the fairy-tales made believe that witches could only die by water, this wasn’t true of these witches because they melted into liquid then ash and were finally gone! But then the children realised their mother was still whaling in pain on the floor “Help me, Children!” “Us? Help you? Really? We do remember not long ago you wanting to kill us” Said Sean. “Yeah, I know, but that’s cause those evil witches took over my mind. Now they’re gone, now I’m your Ma again! Don’t I look like it?” But none of the children believed it and why should they? “You looked like our Ma when you were trying to burn us alive. Everything you say is a lie. Ever since you became friends with those people and for that we longer consider you are Ma! You may die here and hope that god will forgive ya for your sin, but not us, we won’t” Glenn said surprisingly. But he wept as he said it.

Just then the three children looked down on whoever that women was and walked out of the house, into the darkness  hearing their mothers cry and ran. Unaware of where they were going, but nor did they care, they were free and still alive!


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