Isolde and Shannon arrived at house party one night. The party was fairly dead, Isolde thought but then this wasn’t the kind of party for raves or a lot of bumping and grinding. No, it was cool, chill. She shuddered at the thought of the word ‘Chill’. She thought it was the place where nobodies came to lie, not die. Or was that too offensive? She didn’t care for any scene really, she just had a problem with judging the people and place before she even entered. It was Shannon’s idea to come here and with a grudge she accepted. It isn’t that Isolde was cruel, in fact Isolde was everything but cruel, she just looked upon things quite snobishly, that was her flaw.
To her surprise she spotted a cute man as she got in. He wasn’t that attractive, but he exuded something she liked, maybe it was his scent…But, to her surprise again he took a keen interest in Shannon instead. She supposed that he would because Shannon was stunning, she had the parts a man enjoyed looking at and she fit in there, perfectly, Isolde didn’t.
He spotted her and made his mind up that this is the women he wanted. What he didn’t know was that she had a boyfriend, Isolde thought. But then just as she went to the fridge to get a beer she looked over and noticed her friend kissing him. They were stuck to the couch. Her friend’s knee’s pressed in the couch cushions while she sat on top of him. Isolde walked over in a temper, pretended she didn’t care, shook her beer and opened it so it would explode fizz all him and her friend. “What!” Said the guy wet faced from the beer looking up at Isolde. But she ignored him and instead pulled her friend up by the arm and asked could she speak with her a minute. They walked to the bathroom.
“What is going on, Shannon? You have a boyfriend remember?” “Why are you getting so angry? it isn’t your boyfriend you’re cheating on!” Isolde bit her lip “Yeah, because I don’t have one”
But Shannon her friend was drunk already from the one and a half beers she had, so she wasn’t making any sense. Not that she didn’t know what she was doing, she knew very well because she wasn’t at all innocent as she pretended to be in front of that guy.
“I mean, shouldn’t you be like faithful to your boyfriend or is cheating the new thing to do or something? I can’t keep up with your random impulses anymore or your short tempers, Shannon” “Relax, Isolde. It’ll be grand in the mornin’. You sure you don’t just like the man outside there?” Isolde blushed a little “i don-” “Ah, you do! I better not ruin your chances then, eh?” Shannon laughed under her breathe as she studied herself in the mirror over the bathtub “Come on, you’re going home, Shannon” “Still walking, aren’t I? Still looking hot, too, might I add!” “Just barely walking” “Ah, come on stop ruining the buzz and come outside, have a laugh. You’re too uptight for your own good sometimes”
So they went back to the party. Isolde sat near the fridge away from Shannon and really away from anyone, she was just making sure that Shannon would be okay. Of course Shannon couldn’t help herself, she was already off with another man, oblivious of the other she had just been kissing.
Isolde thought Shannon might get a name for herself if she kept acting that way. But Isolde thought that maybe that was better than feeling invincible as she did sitting there. She felt less important than the couch that happened to get more action than she did!
And then what should happen? The man that was kissing Shannon approached Isolde. “How ya doing? I’ll have to charge you for ruining my good shirt” He laughed a little. “Yeah, I’ll scoop you some washing powder whenever, sorry!” He looked at her skeptically. “Ah, no sure i’m only joking. What’s your name anyway? didn’t catch it earlier.” No, you wouldn’t have because you were too interested in my friends breasts, she thought. “Isolde” She said shyly. “Isolde, hmm. Isn’t that Irish?” “Yep, so my mother says.” “Well, you aren’t making it easy for me to talk to you Isolde. Do you speak or not speak to all men like this?” She pulled out a cigarette all of a sudden and put it to her lips “Uh, no, I-” “So you’re a smoker, would never have guessed that, you look too innocent.” He sat right beside her. “No, well, I do but I plan to give them up soon” “So, go on ask me my name” “What’s your name?” He pulled out a keyring from his jean pocket. “That there’s my name” “Fin?” She laughed out loud with the smoke pouring out of her nose. “Really?” She said now with seriousness. “Yeah, really! Glad my name causes for comedy” and he began to laugh back. “But, why are you talking to me anyway. Shouldn’t you be kissing the face off my friend?” He looked like he was in thought for a second. “Yeah, about that. Well, eh, looks like she’s found another and you looked very lonley so thought I would come over here and get laughed at for having my name, you know?” “Was it worth it?” “Ah, yeah. It was” he laughed again and winked at her. “Anyway, I think have to go now. Bring Shannon home. She’s looking a bit yellow”
They both stood up at the same time. “Already? Ah, well, sure I’ll help you bring her back. What sort of man would I be if I left you two walking home on your own?” She thought in spite of his lack of interest in her at first, that maybe he was a decent man anyway. After all what man doesn’t look at attractive women? He may not have found her attractive but he was pleasant with her and she respected that. So she accepted his offer. Shannon had to be carried by Fin and Isolde. Apparently two drinks were enough to knock her unconcious, but then she weighed about 8 stone so she was light as a feather, which was lucky in Fin and Isolde’s eyes. “Have you been friends long?” “Yeah, most of our lives. She can be reckless sometimes, but I understand why. Even when she’s being a bitch to me, i’ll forgive her. Maybe i’m just too nice.” “Being nice is dangerous, you know” “Yeah, it’s misleading to think anyone as ‘nice'” “I mean, when someones nice in general you never expect them to hurt you, like ever. But when they do, it hurts so much more. You think they won’t speak the unspeakable and then they do, eventually.” Shannon lifted her head and mumbled a little but drooped back into unconciousness. They had her arms around their shoulders to hold her up but her head kept lolling. And then they laughed. “Yeah, what she said” said Isolde and they both laughed again. “You and I seemed to get on greatly. Why didn’t I take notice of you?” Isolde looked at him “Because Shannons boobs got in the way. You know that saying ‘Breasts before Isolde’?” “No, seriously. I guess i’m just a man that way. But I actually enjoy a womens personality, a good personality. A girl I can laugh with and talk about anything with and not feel that she won’t be listening because she’s too aware of her own looks, you know?” “Yeah?” Isolde simply said, apparently waiting on him to say some more. “Yeah, and I mean no offence when I say this, but Your friend knew she looked good, which isn’t bad but I didn’t get much of a conversation out her, she just threw me on the couch and kissed me. Not that I’m complaining really. But what is wrong with wanting to get to know a beautiful person first?” “Well, I guess she doesn’t want one because she has a boyfriend already.” “No,I meant that last part for you. She told me she had a boyfriend alright but then she just gobbed me all of a sudden and admittedly I kissed her back for a little while.” “Why though? You knew she had a boyfriend” “Yeah. Sometimes people make mistakes. A very attractive women kisses you, you kiss back, wanting to or not. Chemistry or no chemistry, it’s as simple as that.” “I understand. Knowing this, I don’t think kissing or even getting to know a man after he’s kissed my friend really works, do you?” “Maybe not. But I think you’re beautiful, Isolde and smart, I know I certainly don’t deserve your time” “No, it’s just weird, you know? Cause I only met you tonight under these circumstances, it’s a bit odd is all.” he ran his free hand against her cheek “Yeah, odd.” “Anyway, if you want to impress me, it will take more then a compliment, Fin. A girl doesn’t give in that easily to your charm” She winks. “Oh, you want the wine and dining experience then?” “No, I want a man to try. After all, if I were to give my heart away to a man, completely, I ought to get a man’s best side first, right. Isn’t that fair?” He smiled at her.”I understand, It seems fair, but you know there is only so much a man can do to fall in love with a women and give her his love.” “How?” “By looking into her eyes. I’m serious, Isolde. A man may be a man, but he’ll fall in love just as quickly as a woman falls in love and if this man is any man he’ll try and impress her as much as he can anytime a day. Do you believe me?” “I do. But I’ve never been in love to know how that would feel.” “Never been in love?” “No” she said shyly. “I bet a lot of men have fallen for you though. See, You don’t make it easy for a man to get close. it’s difficult when you’re so closed up, you know.” “I do have my reasons. Love isn’t a fairweather thing that should happen when you chose to open up to any man. I want a man to figure that out on his own. God, I don’t even know why I’m telling you this!” “Because you trust me a little” “Yeah, but why do I trust you?” She laughs nervously. “You trust me because i’m honest and you’re smart enough to know that any man can try to be honest but you know i’m speaking the complete truth.” “Oh, I do, do I?” “Yes, you do. like I said you’re smart.” They are just about at Shannons house, lights are on inside. “I should get this one in before she catches the flu, poor girl has no meat on her bones.” “That’s because she’s a small build, she should be alright in the morning. Well, should!”
Isolde grabs Shannon by the waist and holds her for a moment. Fin has something to say first so she waits.
“Anyway, in all seriousness. We should go out, maybe to a musuem or cinema to see how things go, I think I might like you. In fact, I do.” Isolde shrugs a little. “Yeah, I suppose that could happen.” Just as she says the last word, Fin kisses her on the lips. “Okay, well, see you soon!” Said Fin and he walks off in delight. “What an odd night, huh, Shannon?” She laughs knowing Shannon isn’t awake to hear her. They go inside, the lights turn off.
The following day Isolde woke up in Shannons bed, Shannon was already up, She could hear the bathroom tap running. In a way to avoid having to tell Shannon she’s going on a date with the man from last night, Fin. she pops her shoes and jumper on to quickly run out the door and go home. She couldn’t bare the thought that Shannon would take some joy in the fact that Isolde would go for a man she had been kissing..

In the following weeks Isolde decided to go on a date with Fin. As all bad and good dates go, it was awkward, clumsy and awkward again. Soon enough Fin was buying Isolde presents which she tried to refuse politely because it embarrassed her even though she was flattered and as follows, she began to fall in love with Fin, in fact adored every inch of him. She loved his beard, begged for him never to shave it. “It’s itchy and irritating, though.” He would say. But stubbornly she refused to let him shave it. Every woman loves a bearded man.
And in those weeks Isolde had still not told Shannon about Fin. Had not told her that she has actually fallen in love with him! She didn’t plan to, she felt if she did Shannon would spoil it. See, Shannon was caught cheating on her boyfriend just recently and was apologizing repeatly to him on how she would never do it again blah, blah, blah. He didn’t buy it. But Shannon had been battling with her own insecurities and unfortunately had been taking them out on her him who really did adore her and it crushed and humiliated him completely to know she would do such a thing. In truth Isolde knew he was too good for Shannon… Shannon was grieved over losing her boyfriend, so at any time she could ruin what Isolde had with Fin, She was just that kind of person. The secrecy continued and that suited Isolde perfectly.
Months had past and Fin realized just how precious Isolde was to him. And how Quickly the weeks and months had gone by! What he wanted of her was more than a ring or a piece of paper could do. That’s how madly in love he was with her. She knew it, too. She knew this kind of love almost never happened, that to both of them, something terrible must happen ultimately because who could get so lucky?
Yes, they were right. Ultimately something would happen, and they couldn’t have predicted it more accurately. Maybe they cursed it, or maybe it was fate? But just 3 months of their time together, Fin was in an accident. Isolde wasn’t sure of anything, but her guts turned inside knowing that the accident could take him away from her. She was called up on a Sunday morning by Fin’s mother. Fin’s mother, Breda left it short with Isolde but told her she was keep her updated and not to come to the Hospital until she hears some more news because she was unsure herself. Breda was so shaken on the other end of the phone that Isolde didn’t want to pry anymore and thought it was nice that she herself in such a state would even think to call her, that she was grateful of the few details she did give. “Thank You, Breda.” Was all she said and hung up.
Two days past, nothings.
Three days, nothing.
Four days, and still nothing! by now Isolde was going crazy, she barely slept at all, she was going insane with insane thoughts of Fin. Of Fin in a Coffin, of Fin’s proud face in a picture at the Alter. She didn’t wish to think of these things, but at the worst times, she thought of the worst. She tried to think of good. Those moments that you wish you could keep in a box and take out when you’re feeling lonely, like she was now. And her thoughts were fresh thoughts, she could almost feel his hands on hers, his Cologne and his beard that scratched her chin. Ugh, why was life unfair? She knew all of her grieve was nothing compared to the pain Fin must be in. She was being selfish to think only of herself and how she felt. If she could wish one thing right now, it would be that Fin was okay.
The phone rings, Her heart and body leap…
“Hello!” She cleared her throat. “Isolde, it’s Breda.” “Yeah? How is Fin, is he alright?” Breda replied sternly.”He’s breathing, that is all you should know. He wants you to visit him. But I can’t allow you to stay long, his family is coming up to see how he is after 5.” She sighed in relief that she could at least see him and that he wanted to see her! “Thank you, Breda, I will be there.” She wasn’t sure how he was doing, if he would be damaged in any way. she was just excited and nervous to see him.
She arrived at the Hospital, Soon enough she bwas directed to the room. White walls, white floors, white everything! She hated Hospitals, they scared her, common amongst People she supposed. As she reached the Door, she seen Breda. Breda wasn’t looking too well herself, she looked as white as the walls and that scared Isolde, also. How bad was he? “Go on in.” Said Breda fiddling with tissue as she looked down at the floor. Finally Isolde opened the door with a bit hesitence but then she realized she really wanted to see him. Just as She looked at him lying on the bed, he opened his eyes to her.
“We predicted well, didn’t we sweetheart?” He said in a dry voice, but it still caught Isolde’s breathe, his voice was dry but it was his voice and she couldn’t help but fall in love with him all over again. “We did. But I wish it wasn’t you in that bed. In fact I wish it didn’t happen!” She cried a little at her own tone of voice. “But, Isolde, come here to me. I’ve slept most of the time here, it’s actually been okay. The one thing that I wished for was a kiss from you, that’s all. You would bring me back to life y’know.” He giggled at his own words. “What’s funny?” She sat on his bed with him and he wrapped his arms around her waist. “Look, i’m fine. I’m still living. Sitting up perfectly fine, aren’t I?” “Just about.” She said laughing. “You know, I think I’ve gotten a lot softer since I’ve been here. I think it’s the softness of the bed. Yep, the bed has turned my words in to Poetry.” He grinned. “Apprently so. I have noticed a tiny bit of poetry in your voice since I stepped in. We can’t have you going to soft now, can we? I’d still like to have something of you left.” As soon as she said that she looked guilty. “What?” “Ah, I shouldn’t have said that is all.” She went red. “The injury? Look at it, it’s barely a scratch. Now Leen down and give me my kiss!” But it wasn’t a scratch, In the accident Fin had landed so badly on his head that it caused very serious head injuries. So Nurses and Doctors keep a thorough ckeck on his brainwave activity to make sure nothing more was happening. Of course it was uncertain for now. And that’s all Isolde got to find out before she had to leave but before that, they made sure to kiss and hug eachother as much as they could. “I didn’t know it was that bad Fin, why didn’t you tell me striaght away when I came in?” “Time is Precious, Isolde, I don’t want it taken for granted while I fill you in on the gorey things. Y’know. Time is precious.” She couldn’t stay angry at him, after all time was precious. “Fin, do you want to have children in the future?” Isolde said surprisingly. “Yeah. A little me or a little you! Why not?” She smiled gently. “Me, too. So, I’ll see you soon then? Looks like the Nurses are shooing me out” She giggled and he winked. “I’ll see you soon my Beautiful, Isolde, And I love you.” “I love you, too, Fin.” She walked out of the room with a clumsy happy step, forgetting that in all her happiness Fin’s mother was standing outside. “He makes you really happy, doesn’t he?” She remained smiling a little. “Yeah, he really does!” “He’s always had a certain charm with everyone.” As she said that, Breda sort of just vanished into Fin’s room and left Isolde standing in puzzlement at how strange she said that last sentence. Isolde wasn’t going to dwell on that or anything she heard. But that she had hope, had faith in Fins recoverment. Yet when she went to bed that night she couldn’t sleep right, she drifted in and out. Having nightmares about Fin, And Fin’s mother.
It was 04:05 AM when she got a call…
“Fin has passed, Isolde.” Phone cuts off.
She slapped herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming, She slapped harder again and still she knew she was awake. I love you, Fin. She said to herself, but she knew she sounded ridiculous talking to herself. She didn’t know how to react. Was she to cry? Get angry? Or not believe that this was really happening. She felt lost sitting in the dark on her own. Did she have any right to be angry, when she should have known by the way Fin and his mother had talked to her. All the obvious signs were there. She just didn’t want to see the signs she supposed and so she would be angry at herself.
A few days later the family held a funeral. Isolde was asked to say a few words. She agreed. By then Shannon knew everything and she was completely supportive, which surprised Isolde. She went to the funeral with her, to be of some comfort. Everyone of course wore black. Just as she walked into the church, she seen the Coffin and the the picture of Fin looking Proud as ever starring directly at her, she cried in heartache. And thought “Fin, don’t look at me like that, you’re causing me tears already.” But she laughed a little out loud then bit her lips becuase afterall she was at a funeral, her boyfriends funeral. The priest said a few prays, lifted his head, sniffed and said “Now, a few words from Isolde, a person Fin was very close to.” He wouldn’t say girlfriend. She walked up shyly but held her up as she walked up the isle. She looked at the coffin and then at the picture of Fin again, before approaching.
“Fin, was and is still someone I love very much.
The fact that something so sudden could happen,
Proves that momemts are precious, as he said to me.
That holding anger or anything against someone you love,
or care for is never worth it. Forgiveness.
That is something we should all learn.
And spend as much time with the people you care for,
as much as you can because you could lose someone tomorrow
And you’d wished you’d never taken them for granted.
All of this, Fin has taught me. He was a man of forgiveness and a man who seized the day!
He got what he wanted and he loved everything about life.
Fin, I love you forever, even if death was given to you too early.
She walked over to his picture and kissed his proud face. Then she walked back to her seat, everyone was silenced by her speech. Fin’s mother cried louder. She hoped Breda would forgive her.



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