Pain and Poetry

He say’s I turned my pain into watching daily amounts of porn and poetry was my soul mate.
He says at night I spent hours lying upside down to look at the stars and at dawn to look at the sun rise magnificently, it made me feel pure.
Loneliness I’ve come to accept as my faithful wife, knowing that to be alone was to be the best choice I ever made! He say’s that the woman that had crushed him into poetry for comfort he’ll thank and never forget. Would he see her again given the chance? No, he say’s, I see life differently now than I did then. I realize now looking on it that she was a lesson and well, fuck! I’ll never forget my lesson.
I found my true loves in my own company, but that is not to say I dismiss being with a woman. No! she will be my mistress and i’ll love her, too! because after all, women are beautiful and magical creatures that, if she be the right mistress, will keep me on my toes!ImageImage


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