Hot Showers

Hot showers and Vintage Clothes


It was a mistake to admit anything to you. But I still think about those hidden piercings. Yeah, I do, often! Your tongue piercing for example; it was like a snakes. Wet with one little silvery stud. Oh, yeah, I’ve fantasized about your tongue and your mouth and about what they could do for me. What I fantasized about more was your eyes. They looked like still pebbles that water runs over. Innocent. I thought about them most when I was in a hot shower and the water hit me. I thought about what they would look like if you were angry or sad. The only thing I could imagine was a still picture, your eyes perfectly positioned looking directly at me. I studied them so I never will forget them. Not that you give a damn. Why would you? Why do I give a damn about your hidden peircings and eyes? It’s not like I want to think about you. But I do.


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