Posted on June 30, 2014

I have to make myself important. In life and unfortunately in love. So I will. It’s not that I’m not important, I am. But it takes a little leg and lip for others to see that importance, you see? How about you hand me that black dye? He loves dark-haired ladies with wide eyes and long legs. But he’s prone to liking blondes- like any man. I think blondes appear more innocent to the eye. So men have this fantasy. Long blonde hair with sparkling blue eyes with a hint of vulnerability. And legs that stretch to their firm behind. It’s true! Yes, maybe they do watch too much porn. We’re living in the age of stupid. Yeah, men nowa
days want what they see in porn videos. They have expectations. Can’t divide reality from this on screen world! It’s massive, that women can’t keep up with the expectations of men. They can’t help it though. As you know, you should never expect anything from anyone. Eventually, if the woman is clever enough, she’ll get tired of dressing up like a dolly for her man. Recover by eating her own weight and finally, giving into diet. Repeat the same mistake and wonder why.


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