She opened to me like a flower but I fell on her like a stone

Just as Etheridge Knight describes love in ‘Belly Song’, that all emotion comes from the belly, So too was he aware of his belly. It was full of passion, pain and memories that all came at once like hurricane and thunder, rising and falling, twisting and rising and falling again.

He knew the pain and love in his Belly, and was able to recognise each emotion as an individual. What She created in him was a madman.That was committed love. The heart is a quiet sleeping baby that briefly moves. The stomach is a demon babe that roars, it wants to be noticed.

It’s in our Bellies we really feel pain and love. Seek in your centre for the question you want answers to.

The sea in him had fallen in love with the sea in her. That was that. It had always been that way, because love is hell and love is beautiful and he’d known love from the moment he saw her. They swam in the same sea and slept like Fetuses in the womb, peacefully. But sometimes he would feel like his heart might just stop, it had it’s moments too. It frightened him to be beside her at night. She often walked about in sleep, shaking and mumbling in her silk nightdress, looking like a haunting ghost. How could he support her more than he already had. A man won’t speak too often of what frightens him, or admit that his heart might actually quite. And this ghost. Her, she haunted him everyday. She was delicate too like any rose that can fall to pieces at any minute.

It was hard for him. It was hard for her too, he knew that. And knew it was worth it also. The nausea in his belly would probably never be calm around her. But that was love doing it’s frantic dance.


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