I had a very close friend, who touched my bare breast one time, cupped it and licked his lips like the Devil’s son. And actually it felt good, but it also made me feel guilty because he was a close friend, like I said, and it shouldn’t have went that way but it did. Oh Haven’t you ever let a boy Friend touch you! Liar!
Anyway we both shared a love of books. He used to steal his from libraries and bookshops, like the world of literature owed him his liberty, and so it should! I hadn’t the guts to steal.
We would discuss poetry. Even once wrote poetry over his kitchen table while a hostile dog was barking at me. It was awful poetry and I hope now that it is destroyed!
Well, he used to tell me how , if he could, he would blow up the world! And I, silly being, forever the diplomat for the world when ever I was around him, argued against it like I needed to. I am pretty sure others have thought as he thought about the world. He was Bipolar, Bisexual, and a boy. He never grew up from his boyish anger. Angry at the whole world, Imagine that…
My good friend he was. We shared dark moments like you wouldn’t believe. Then one day he vanished, on no particular day of the week, I can’t remember, to be frank. He was so strange that he often disappeared for days or weeks. Well he definitely vanished this time.
He said once that ‘Mastermind’ by Mindless Self Indulgence related to him because he was a mastermind in his mind and would leave us all behind. He did indeed leave us all behind.


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